Additional interpretation techniques of person cards.

additional interpretation techniques of person cards. That I had previously written, picking a person card will cause great confusion to the fortune tellers and pointing a person is difficult. From the author's experience, when a person card is displayed in various positions such as the present or the future. It means that they will find such a person who will play a role in the fate ground or related questions, and often the same person card but shows two positions.

For example, pick up the first "King of Cups" card and pick up the "King of Swords" card in the surrounding person position, that could mean two people (one card is them or one card is other people). But at the same time, it may mean the same person in 2 characteristics of these two cards are possible. So, when interpreting them, it can be read out as "He is a strong person outside, awe inspiring, but inside is sensitive, and outside person just concealing his feelings inside." So, it is necessary to read the card's mind carefully and look at the composition to completely.

Sometimes the recipient of the prediction is a woman, so it should be a queen card, but in the first position does not have the queen person card and the person card are picked up in other order, such as past or future.

That's a matter of whether or not it's similar to the person who receives the prediction. If not, it means the person who receives the prediction in another position.

The person cards that mean her personality appear in different positions. When a card representing the predictor appears, you must use that card as the main body of the next question and remember which individual card she has indicating her habits

(The best way to note who has which the characteristic of them in the cards so that the next prediction is not confused.)

Then, a meaningful prediction of a military career is on the spread, such as having The Chariot, The Emperor, the Death card, in which each appearance of a card is always accompanied by an Ace of Swords card (one sword symbol means official rank), and the recipient of the prediction wants to know what rank the soldier has, or which army soldier, to bring the card to the military post, by opening it randomly. Until you find the answer, look at the next following example.

Tarot rank affiliation

The method is to pray for a chance and take a card from the deck until you find the card in question, and when you read it, just say that the high rank, middle rank, or beginning rank is enough. Not necessarily too specific, the tarot cards help guide you but not always 100 percent correct.

The other case is that the presence of multiple person cards in the spread makes it difficult to read fate, which is caused by two reasons. One is the predictors are too confused or they have a lot of people around them involved in these things. If it is about work, or family, it is not strange to read easy. But, if you make a prediction about love, they are too nervous and distracted, you might want them to go back and focus on it, or how to solve it by opening up other specific questions step by step.


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