Define the implicit meaning of each Tarot cards.

Once you understand the meaning of the 78 cards and know how to read them, you can analyze that if the predictors pick them up, what the prediction mean is what the predictors have a destiny. First of all, the destiny will change like a cycle, like a wheel of fate, and when the best luck gradually gets worse to the bottom. Compared to the sun and the moon. This reason is recognized in the Chinese forecasting science. For example, coins must have two sides, white must have black, brightness must have dark, etc. Therefore, the reversal of fate always occurs, such as what advice do fortune tellers sometimes give to the predictors. When correcting the short comings, the event that was predicted at that time may change in a better chance. When this is the case, the prediction of good fortune is to keep a record. Note your own destiny that when there is a change that a choice will arise. Then use the prognosis to continue analyzing the situation. Therefore, when a card that can read the meaning in the same direction appears, it is called a group of special meaning cards, which may occur infrequently, The Fortune tellers must be considered as an element for making predictions carefully.

the implicit meaning of tarot cards

An example of the latent meaning of a set of cards that, when present simultaneously or frequently, can be predicted is as follows.

1. The highest monetary fortune cards consists of: Ten of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, The Sun and Wheel of Fortune, if these four appear together, you'll get a lot of luck or money.

- The Sun
- Ace of Pentacles
- Wheel of Fortune
- Ten of Pentacles

2. The cards with criteria to get married, a wedding happens be made up of Two of Cups, Three of Cups, Ten of Cups and Four of Wands appear together. There will definitely be a wedding.
- Two of Cups
- Three of Cups
- Ten of Cups
- Four of Wands

3. The cards mean childbearing, pregnancy be made up of the Lover, Ace of Cups, The Sun and The World. Included the queen cards, such as Queen of Cups, Wands or The Empress, predict that there are criteria for getting pregnant.
- The lovers
- Ace of Cups
- The Sun
- The World

4. Foretell the child's gender from the cards (It's only conjecture, the error is high, it should be checked by a doctor.) Cups and Wands got a daughter. Swords and Pentacles got a son.
- 4 of Page cards.

5. The cards that mean the family's return of birth. (as a belief, please use discretion) consisting of Six of Cups, Death cards, Judgement and Night of Cups.
- Six of Cups
- Death
- Judgement
- Night of Cups

6. The cards that convey travel. Sort by travel near to travel long distances [foreign country], there are Page of Wands, Three of Wands, Night of Wands and The Chariot in order.
- Page of Wands
- Knight of Wands
- Three of Wands
- The Chariot

7. The cards that conveys being the other wife. It can be seen from these cards that frequently come up when opening the destiny.
- The High Priestess
- Three of Swords
- Seven of Swords
- Queen of Pentacles

This is an example that the author would like to explain like this. Each deck of cards It depends on the owner of the card to communicate, how to link and put the meaning information. My deck as well. so many people may be confused that “What I have read is not like this. Which one is right and which one is wrong?” The answer for this is reading the meanings of the cards is very diverse. Depending on the experience of each fortune tellers. Each deck of cards will give different special meanings, but they are the same in the main meaning according to the preliminary information only. It is important for fortune tellers to keep personal records. The meaning in this manual It is explained only as a guide for prediction. What matters is how each person's experience applies.

For example: One predictor was given Death and Personal Cards. Why did this person get the Death card so often? Trying to check the fortunes at various spreads, finally came to the conclusion that this predictor was working as a HR manager. Have the power and right to choose or fired employees make the author understand that “It's true because the Death card represents the Deathly Hallows. There were people who raised their hands and prayed for life some people die.

That means this predictor has the right to really judge people as if they were the give live or give death to the people in the company, because the decision power lies with that person.”

From this example, it is clear that the meaning of tarot cards can be read very deeply. Which is difficult for Fortune tellers to organize or teach in all contexts. It is not uncommon to have an instructional course to try to convey the story and style of card reading to learners. This tarot cards requires imagination and proper guesswork. Requires judgment to answer questions, or research. The high-prediction signal is given by the author in the next chapter as an example of card reading. In order to learn the card reading technique of the author, it is included.

The best way to remember cards is not just to input the data and remember them, but the best way to remember cards is to practice predicting. We can try to open cards often, see the situation of celebrities or important people in the news, and let's observe their own deck cards, see what the meaning, direction looks like, and if there's anything wrong with this book, take notes, make your own records as much as possible, and that's what forecasters should do.

The other important thing is that each spread's position is very important. Which has many the fortune teller say it doesn't matter much because the cards already have meaning. In this case, I saw quite differently in this regard, because the spread is to better read the meaning of each position and visualize the event. We have a kind of card that time distinguish the position and confuse the fortune teller. That is the person cards. Maybe to the future position, the past position, or whatever, but if you notice them well. Those cards always trying to tell you something like, "When you make a habit, you'll find an event," or "When you meet this person, you'll find an event like that." So, reading a good card, you'll have to connect and sequence the events to who did what, where, when, and what the end was. If the card ends, but the situation doesn't clear, you might have to open one or two more cards to deepen one's clarity.


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