Five of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards in my guide book.

five of cups meaning


#Five of Cups reading.
Love: Disappointed to lose, incomplete marriage or to endure because of certain conditions.
Work: Thinking about past mistakes.
Study: Low Score.
Finance: Lose or sell something precious.
Family: Broken things.

five of pentacles reading

#Five of Pentacles reading.
Love: Losing feelings for each other, Temporarily separated from lovers.
Work: Job loss or failure to work.
Study: Robbed by a friend.
Finance: Business losses should be terminated. 
Family: It's all about spending, losing money for something.

five of swords reading
Five of Swords reading.
Love: Who don't care about couples, who don't believe in love and fortune.
Work: Conflict with boss, adults don't support.
Study: Not pleasing to friends and teachers.
Finance: Struggle, you can't do nothing. 
Family: Stubbornness, like to argue.

five of wands reading

#Five of Wands reading.
Love: Problems from keeping others too distracted.
Work: Conflict among co-workers, conflict, doing what's beyond ability, too confident in yourself.
Study: Conflict with Classmates
Finance: Stock investment risk from competitor. 
Family: conflict within the family.


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#Tarot cards reading.


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