Four of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Four of wands reading


#Four of Wands reading.

Love: Steady love has the idea of getting married.

Work: Reopening business, ribbon cutting.

Study: Graduation.

Finance: New investments that have become financially stable. 

Family: Wedding, housewarming.

four of swords reading

#Four of Swords reading.

Love: Temporary mental break, a fever or gets sick.

Job: Sick leave, temporarily suspended.

Study: Sick leave, have to recuperate.

Finance: Stuck finance, fortune stagnation. 

Family: Someone brought trouble. Be careful about family accidents.

four of pentacles reading

#Four of Pentacles.

Love: Saving money, saving for a lover.

Work: Take on more duties that are not theirs.

Study: Collecting Savings During Class.

Finance: Economical, Stingy, who likes to Spend other people's money. Like to carry cash. 

Family: Stingy in property until relatives are estranged.

four of cups reading

#Four of Cups reading.

Love: Someone you love they don't love you, who love you but you don't love them.

Work: Job screening, submission of work to auction, product selection.

Study: Submit the work, select the school.

Finance: Give or receive the finance opportunities. 

Family: Choose items for their house.



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