The heart of Tarot Cards Prediction.

  The Heart of Prediction.

1. Remember the meaning of the cards.

A good way to remember the meaning of the cards is that you should create keywords for each card in your own deck, such as the fool may be "free and stubborn love" or the empress may be "complete mother”, etc.

2. Make the questions clear.

If you want to checking the general situation where predictors don't ask questions you can use Celtic cross spread. If the predictors are asking questions, open another spread according to that question. If you do this, the cards will tell the situation one at a time until you can understand it as a story. You can link until you find the best answer to all questions as well.

3. You need to concentrate on predicting.

This purpose not to guide the cards with your own subconscious mind, is necessary since guiding the cards will pick up the cards that are like your mind. Because, one thing tarot cards do well is to read the Fortune teller’s mind.

4. You have to shuffle every time before and after prediction. While you shuffle, you have to concentrate. If you can't concentrate, you should say in a sentence. Who wants to ask something? What the question? Tell the tarot cards to answer anything as well. For some beliefs, there is a notion that the sacred things around you. Maybe the angels of fortune teller will help you answer the questions. It is by connecting energy through a fortune teller with tarot cards as a medium. So, it is often said with a telling sentence or a question sentence to give things differently. Such a question can be answered more accurately.

5. The importance of reverse card prediction.

The tarot cards have many perspectives and multi dimensional meanings already sufficient for prediction. Therefore, applying the rules of reverse card prediction may confuse you even more when you have to combine multiple card meanings. The principle to remember is that at the time an obstacle card (Swords) is opened along with any card will expand the meaning of that card. Barriers to such matters, once you know that there are obstacles in that situation, you want to know how severe it is, read another card. Of course, if there are good cards to support, that means situations that are not always bad, so inferring the meaning of predicting how good or bad, read from composite situations in many perspectives. In my personal opinion, reading cards reversed is often a misguided prediction, but reading cards with the power of the cards actually yields better results.

6. It is not always necessary for predictors to pick up the cards themselves.

This reason, like card guidance itself by subconsciously, because at a time when predictors are concerned about questions. Always associate their own thoughts with cards, will make predictions imprecise and personally I think that tarot cards should belong to Fortune tellers that should not be caught by others, but for such reasons as you would consider. There is nothing wrong or right.

7. Read the special meaning from the cards.

When many cards come together, they are usually fixed the special meaning or hidden meaning. Something that the Fortune tellers have to read by their own. The trick for read the meaning of the cards well, look at each picture of tarot cards. You don't have to worry about this technique, because you can do it when you are skilled enough.

8. Do not test for accuracy, but seek solutions.

The Fortune tellers often test the accuracy of the predictions by told everything they saw through tarot cards. Regardless of the feelings of predictors, so, in good predictors, you should advise and find solutions to the problem. Resolve the situation to all predictors who consult you, so that those are happy to continue their lives.

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