How to use three of cards reading.

 Reading daily cards for ourselves, we will have to look at possible circumstances and we can only venture to point out questions like, "What's going on work today?" "What's going to happen today?" "What's the love happen today?" But if we don't ask the questions and open it up, it is going to convey the overall meaning of the card. As I said, the key meaning of the Pentacles = finance, Wands = work, Cups = love/family, Swords = obstacles and major set cards = expanded composition.

how to read 1-3 cards

You must separate the meanings according to the categories of cards found and read them in combination with each other in each meaning, calling this method Triple Reading, as in the following example.

From this example, guess the general situation from 3 of cards. You can see that there are Pentacles and Wands cards, which mean that the story stands out are money and work. So, you have to read the situation into these two categories and you can first separate the meaning by card as follows:

Telling about finance, Five of Pentacles cards mean losing money, Four of Pentacles cards mean saving money or the opportunity to buy real estate, Seven of Wands cards mean financial competition. When you read the financial situation, it means, "You may have to give up some money for competition, or invest in the stock market, and you have to save money for real estate purchases," or in other words, "Financial competition gives you a lot of opportunities to pay, so you have to save a lot of money today."

Guessing about work, Five of Pentacles cards mean losing an obligation or losing a job, Four of Pentacles cards mean taking responsibility for a job that is not one's job, Seven of Wands cards mean competition or bidding for a job. When you read your work situation, "Today have a chance to work outside of your own responsibility, because there is a chance that you will lose your job, you have to compete, or successfully bid for a new company job," etc.


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