How to reading the Tarot Card for the target audience.

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Read the target audience from the 40 number cards.

For the description of this target audience. Used when you want to ask "Which audience should I target with your product?" as I have already explained.

As for the individual cards and Major Arcana cards, you should be able to predict the target audience quite easily. Because there is already a unique identity Therefore, only 40 numbered cards are described as follows.

1 of Pentacles

People who are collectors, investors, money earners, payers, fanatics, are the ones that follow and pay as much as they can.

1 of Cups

Family related, family business, newborn care, fulfillment work, social happiness assignment, mother group with young children.

1 of Swords

People with purchasing decision making power, risk taking novice investors, ironwork enthusiasts, small construction equipment store owners.


1 of Wands

Social developers, career creation groups, employment agencies, job matching sites, tree planting groups, needle posting, woodworking.

2 of Pentacles

Investor groups, loan groups, individuals involved in real estate brokerage trading, credit card sales, loan companies, financial, accounting, banking.

2 of Cups

Corporate communications group, couple group, family business partners, couple finding group, cargo, Transportation communication group.

2 of Swords

Telephone communication groups, groups of people doing Internet communication, journalists, interviewers, media critics, wirework, undecided groups use good access and guidance.

2 of Wands

A group of venture capitalists, marketing planners, broad-minded people, business consultants, idea peddlers.

3 of Pentacles

Design creative group, architecture, well-paid jobs, job viewing education, job training.

3 of Cups

Event groups, get a wedding, wedding planning groups, plan a family or have children.

3 of Swords

Group of surgeons, people involved in jealousy affairs, fanatical group, fan club.

3 of Wands

Venture capitalist, marketing planner, broad minded but action pack group, professional salesperson, good trader.

4 of Pentacles

Investors, money savers, economists Means buy what you think is the most worthwhile. Profitable cost calculator. Choose quality products, low prices but clear purchasing decisions, thrifty groups, land collectors, valuable jewelry collectors as well.

4 of Cups

Selective groups, difficult buying groups, those who pretend to buy but don't buy, people who like to sell products such as salesman, people who are making job offers, project proposals, submitting work to contests, fill out an application.

4 of Swords

Middle class engineering equipment or materials business, implicit is a group of relatives of bedridden patients, a group of people who are discouraged, hopeless and lacking morale, a group of people with depression, a group of people who are unemployed or a situation where their thoughts are stagnant and health.

4 of Wands

Group of organizers those who do such activities. Opening a new business, starting a new house, celebrating success, cutting the ribbon, opening a new real estate owner, making merit, ordination ceremony.

5 of Pentacles

If this group of customers came up, it might sound a bit strange. But it's a group of people who have lost their wealth. May depend on some circumstances. Therefore, the product that will be presented must be useful, answer the problem, solve the problem for him as well, a group of donors, a group of pay in the manner of paying for something that is not useful.

5 of Cups

It's a group of broken hearts. Disappointed in love, those who need fulfillment in life. or in other words, a group of people who use or the old asset has just been damaged, the item has just collapsed, looking for something new to replace the old one is also possible.

5 of Swords

People who like collecting second-hand items, people who follow the trend but resist. It's called he bought it, I didn't buy it. He doesn't like me that mood.

5 of Wands

fighting enthusiast or a group of impatient people This group is a group that likes weapons, likes talismans, likes challenges. Seeing having a story is interesting It's strange in the other direction. Some offerings back to this group would have to look at the product primarily.

6 of Pentacles

Investors group, loan group, people involved in real estate trading, selling credit cards, credit companies, finance accounting, banking, charity work, donor groups, social funds.

6 of Cups

A group of people who have a store, have a storefront, may be a grocery store. Gift shops, souvenirs, flower shops, beautiful things, friendship groups of different ages, groups of learners across the country.

6 of Swords

People who do business by boat, water, beverage business, beverage company, liquor shop, water bar as well, boat transportation, delivery service, maid company.

6 of Wands

Those who win prizes, those who succeed in some business, those who return from their studies. Graduates, parades, traditions can be predicted, celebrations of success or something.

7 of Pentacles

Those who wish to establish themselves, groups of farmers, harvesting periods, those who have watched their own success, start ups and early successes, those with easy to find interest savings can be expected.

7 of Cups

collectibles, treasurers, beauty lovers, expensive jewelry, antiques, archaeologists, museums, art exhibits

7 of Swords

one person working alone Focusing on solo wading, people who work in the type of force, using force, contractor work. Hiring to decorate, renovate, renovate the area, maintenance work, in other words, the behavior of people who like to do secret things, have their own corner. likes to keep secrets, collect secrets.

7 of Wands

Those involved in competitions, auctions, mentally intensive tasks, in other words a person who has a lot of

followers, has a fan club, is a net idol, or in the end is a person who is being targeted, attacked, social group.

8 of Pentacles

A group of people who are building themselves at an entrepreneurial level, a group with collectibles, a group of works of art, a group of arts and crafts, valuable work. Priced and unique

8 of Cups

People who have to travel to other countries, people who are isolated from society, artist emotions, don't like to associate with anyone, in other words, people who are separated from their loved ones.

8 of Swords

a group of people within the framework of the order out of the conservative, people who have problems and are looking for solutions. This card is suitable for a product that meets the problem of healing, resolving, alleviating, alleviating suffering, in other words,

people who want to go out and face the wider world than they stand.

8 of Wands

People who think about expanding, creating opportunities for themselves, improving themselves physically or mentally, looking for future success.

9 of Pentacles

A group of people who are wealthy from their own business. Whether it's a family business, it's a style of living close to nature. It's not extravagant but it's affordable even if it's expensive.

9 of Cups

Exhibitor groups, event groups, car showrooms, real estate sales offices, people who bring products from abroad to sell, in other words, people who like to have many loves, like to buy somethings to meet and needs of sweetheart, or buying to please their loved ones.

9 of Swords

People with commercial difficulties, those in stress, anxiety and in need of a solution, those with insomnia, mild mental illnesses, those who need treatment, and those with certain inferiority complexes and want to fulfill.

9 of Wands

Paranoid group, the behavior of people who can't gossip, can't tolerate insults, want the acceptance of the surrounding society, people who cherish what they have and not yet ready to open up to new things but at the same time If there's a better option, I'll grab it.

10 of Pentacles

Real estate group, fund job, stock market, high achieving group, people who like to gamble, investing, profitable trading, big capital industry.

10 of Cups

a group of people who are completely in love job duties and good environment, prayer group, holy worship group, superstition.

10 of Swords

Industrial factory producing materials and equipment for large scale technician work, building pounding group Building demolition work, second-hand repair and sales group, technician group in large projects, long term project group

10 of Wands

People who run multiple businesses or multitasking, people who do not have time to make purchase decisions but will choose to buy something that is easy to understand, convenient, clean, safe, worth the price (may have to be famous to guarantee the product)


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