How to use the tarot cards for telling lucky fortune?

It is a joke that inner life is sometimes expected with luck. In some countries, worship is performed for good luck. By the nature of good fortune always comes upon us at the right time and it is easy for us to get through the problems. It is better if we can predict which day we are going to have.Do you have a good fortune? On which day will fortune run in? The use of tarot cards for this event is already defined in the book I wrote.

lucky spread tarot

Making you with the wheel of fortune spread for the purpose of measuring what day and when you will experience luck. That method is simple. Just open three cards each day and read the meaning of cards that have a chance of getting lucky about money. Which of course must be all three cards to continue predicting what the best time of the day is if you pick up the first three cards and don't succeed. So, the next day, pick it up again.

Wheel of fortune spread

When you pick up a card that means good luck, pick up 12 more cards to find the best time of the day by following the order in the picture. Opening techniques indicate the time of day, which is the time of money, so you shouldn't make predictions at night because that's the time of rest, but if you want to calculate the time of night, it's your personal prediction.

lucky tarot cards

These four cards are very important. They are cards that many people dream of. Since if the four cards appear on your fate, it means that you will often get a lot of luck. Often the winner will also get these four cards, but there are also cards that convey meaning in the good direction of finance. When these cards come together, you can see different kinds of money luck depending on the power and meaning of these good cards as follows.

What's necessary is to pick cards with a neutral feeling, not greedy, not to guide them, because if so, they won't be able to predict fortune at all, the mind that leads them will make them pick up according to fortune tellers' ideas.

Lucky cards tarot

For Spread, the next talk about predicting a good direction is applicable to some situations such as "Which direction will have luck" or "direction to travel" may be predicted after seeing the chance in luck from the past Spread and finding the right path to go out and risking luck by setting where you stand (maybe at home or at work) and looking at the good opportunities in different directions, which I divided into eight cases. This works well when you're going to coordinate or trade with options, and you can assign cards to indicate those good options, for example. "If you have to go and offer a job, where should customers go, between point A or point B, there will be more chances of winning," etc.

These techniques, documented in The Tarot Guide (for Beginners to Professionals), are books that convey tarot card reading stories in a way you never read, understand tarot cards, and use cards effectively to predict, which is important for all Fortune tellers.



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