King of Cups reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

the meaning of King of Cups

Person Cards King of Cups. Storytelling: The King sitting on a large stone throne and wearing a blue and gold robe. Symbolizing his power and status. A small fish-shaped charm hanging from his neck, shows creativity. He holds a cup that expresses emotion and the left hand holding a rod, that shows power and control. Seems to float on a rock block in the middle of the sea, behind the right is a fish. While on the left, there's a boat sailing, showing that he's calm and balanced even in a scrambled state. He's maintaining a pretty good balance of feeling.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

They are people who can help others but can't help themselves, sensitive, creative, mature, attractive, intelligent, gentle and interesting.

A widower or someone with a family. A love habit is sometimes a small affair. Sensitive to love affairs. Maybe a little thoughtful.

It can be both a medical suit, an actor, a naval officer, a musician, and a love of art. If they study directly, they can do it well. The job situation related to helping other's work, but their own work is not done well enough. They want to be recognized that they can do it.

This card represents a teacher. if it is a study situation, it means making a report for a friend. If it's for a friend to copy his homework, copy the test, which they are still not doing well, but encouraging their friend to do wrong.

They are people of moderate standing. Who has to predict, could look at the other cards.

It's a good mentor to someone else, but it's not very well managed by their own family. It is a card instead of a charming father, brother and grandfather, can also be possible. If a widowed woman picked this card, it means a family leader or a single mom. Who has to act as both parents at the same time.



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