King of Pentacles reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

The meaning of King of Pentacles

Person Card The "King of Pentacles" Storytelling: The king sits on a throne adorned with carved ox figures, meaning a connection with the Taurus. Grapes and vines adorn his robe, which symbolizes wealth and abundance. In his right hand he holds a rod of power, and in his left hand holds a gold coin, a symbol of materialistic influence. The ability to create material wealth and the financial wealth. Around the throne is vines, flowers, and trees, which represent the ultimate achievement of the object. The castle behind it is a symbolizes everything he has built to sustainable wealth.

Power level of cards: Very good.

Anyone who can pick this card has the criteria to be rich, good trade, to be the most powerful of all Pentacles cards. Having to look at his background as well as whether the card is himself or another person. King of Pentacles refers to someone who has a good background in a rich, good family, likes to secure other people's lives, likes to help people.

You have met a man who's rich in financial position, who can't guess whether he is a good man, to look at other cards. If you have The Fool cards, He can profile that rich people as he is.

A highly successful business owner. A noble man with a stable career and finance. The general situation, it means a job that rises to the highest level of success as expected and grow steadily.

This card represents a teacher. The entrance examination to a prestigious private educational institution, whether the criteria can be taken or not, has to look at other cards. Another meaning is that expensive classes can be taken.

If there is a Ten of Pentacles or Ace of Pentacles card included, it means good financial luck, and if there is an extra The Sun card, it means that a highly profitable business opportunity has come to you.

A family with inherited property or inheritance from an elderly male adult that will result in a stable family status.



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