King of Wands reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards in my guide book.

The meaning of King of Wands

Person Card "King of Wands" Storytelling: The King sits on his throne, holding a budding wand in his hand, showing life and creativity, his throne and robe adorned with lions and salamanders, symbolizing fire and strength, salamanders bite their own tails representing endlessness and constant push forward all obstacles, as well as salamanders represent fire elements for the harmony of the rod, which also represents fire elements. According to the legend of fire salamanders lurking in piles of wood, when the wood is thrown into the fire, they simply crawl out.

Power level of cards: good.

They are a good-tempered, fun person. Likes to propose new ideas. A person who has to act to make it work for themself. Have new ideas and is quite confident in themself. Have excellent eloquence. Well adapted to the new era.

It is a workaholic people, but if you look at the situation of heart. this person always focuses on creating a stable job first because the idea that lasting love comes with a good job as well. Maybe trying to make a surprise for a couple is possible

Management or owner-level jobs. Jobs are relatively stable and create a position by taking serious action. General situations of enterprises that exert creative power, producer or international trading companies.

This card represents a teacher. An idea presentation or a novel creative report topic. It is puzzling that most of it will turn out well in an unexpected way.

Finance that started to build a sufficient level of solid foundation. Being a lucky seeker, but it was more of a job luck because there was an idea that luck only had to come from work.

Presenting a family thought. It can mean the rules of living together indoors. Designing a house is so modern that perhaps people will see it as too advanced (if there are good cards included). It can convey a person, grandfather, father, brother, who has a very modern idea.



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