Kings of Swords reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

the meaning of King of Swords

Person Card "King of Swords" Storytelling: The King sitting on the throne, ready to face life, he holds a sword in his right hand, that is, conscience, reasonable. He wears a blue coat symbolizing desire for spiritual knowledge and a cloak symbolizing mercy and wisdom. Behind the throne decorated with butterflies, crescent moons and angels near his left ear to give him delicate advice. The trees and the clouds were still. It gives a sense of stability and clarity rather than changes in other sword cards.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

People who are fierce, serious, love justice, have pride, and don't rely on anyone, and no matter how difficult, even if they starve, they don't ask for help. Have a lot of pride to himself.

Meeting a man fighting for a life, or foretell in a situation of love that will be a moment to think about and decide something is possible, the criteria for love are quite firm and clearly aimed.

It can be a government service, a military service, a police officer, a fairly decisive decision-making person. A fairly fierce adult boss, and a firm decision-making person. A job that has to be decided all the time is like a person in charge of approving various jobs in the workplace.

This card represents a teacher, or a hard fight for stability in his studies, not to disheartened obstacles. Even if he can't, doesn't copy anyone's work.

There are not many real lovers, only those who fear, have an honorific reputation but are not rich, because they are too arrogant, financial situation to be clear.

An adult male in the house could be a father, grandfather, big brother, and quite a fussy, neat person. Anyone who has done something wrong from traditional customs will see this person immediately. Fierce man and old-fashioned person. He doesn't like anything that detracts from the family's reputation.



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