Knight of Cups reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

The meaning of Knight of Cups

Person Card "Night of Cups" Storytelling: Knights ride white horses and hold gold cups as if he showed a message from his heart. Knights wearing a robe covered with fish-shaped, which symbolizes water, consciousness, and creativity. His hat and shoes had wings, which symbolize creative and brilliant imagination, and admiration for beautiful things. The horse does not soar forward, but instead moves slowly and elegant, giving a glimpse of the calm atmosphere. The horse represents power, energy, and impulse. The white color is purity, spirit, and light.

Power level of cards: good.

He is a good-looking man, sweet-talking, polite, high-tasting, and dreamer, lover, makeup lover, leaving home. He must gool perfume, his face must be bright, his dress look good, has imagination, and what he intends to do he will do it consciously. He made something slowly but steadily, and thoroughly.

You can find a person who is good-looking, gentle, cute, sociable. In the love situation, it means a time when you have a good relationship with each other, have a good heart in love, and may develop into a lasting love in the future.

Artwork, artists, writers, and encouragement works create positive forces for people. the work situations that are carried out according to an orderly plan, but it is in the process. Look at other cards for what are the results of the work?

Traveling to compete in sports, or winning a trophy to appreciate. Activity achievements or studies that require a high degree of diligence.

He is a man who has a strong faith in doing good, so that he can succeed smoothly in good fortune. Believe that doing good will be good, do bad things will be gloomy.

Sons or daughters, or maybe brothers who are in college or just started working. Art lovers, love to reading and writing, loved for kindness by older relatives. The other situation, must look at the cards.



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