Knight of Pentacles reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Person Card "Night of Pentacles" Storytelling: A Knight of the Medal sitting on a calm body horse. He looking carefully at the gold medal held in his hand. He was in no hurry, choosing to evaluate and plan a path in advance before proceeding something. Behind which there was a wide field prepared for cultivation in a row, symbolizing that the knight was ready and willing to work as a dream come true even if it's repetitive and boring. Living in the midst of nature and peace is the way he wants it.

Power level of cards: good.

People who focus on making a living don't bother with the villagers. The habit of saving, the calm love, the determination of what they do will accomplish. Animal and nature love, Trustworthy and sociable.

Meeting love with such people. The love situation that they share in helping each other, may escape from urban life back to the countryside. Do gardening and save money to build themselves.

The occupational of agriculture, livestock, loan institutions, credit cards, life insurance. Working growth, it may rise to the head, or the manager, it may be a small business that has started as well.

The timing of the tuition is coming. If there's a obstacle cards that means no money to pay for it or a tuition fees have been spent by himself. The situation of paying some extra money to study.

If there is Two of Pentacles card included. It means conducting loan transactions through employees. Intentionally collecting money for some stable and sustainable purpose. Financing for this card is in the stage of becoming agile.

Sons or daughters, or maybe brothers who are of college age or start work, are diligent, patient, adept and can take good care of their families. Seasons when they have to harvest rice or other agricultural activities, or can mean sharing land with their descendants.



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