Knight of Wands reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Knight of Wands reading

The "Night of Wands" person card, a storytelling: A knight of the wands sitting on his horse's back in full armor. He is wearing a yellow robe decorated with salamander (related to the elements of fire) and a hat with fiery red feathers flowing behind him. In his right hand holding the wand has five branches, symbolizing his power and enthusiasm for a fast mission and the expected success. His horse stood up on its hind legs and ready to follow orders, signifying enthusiasm for work. A journey in the desert represents an indifference to obstacles and will fulfill his dreams.

Power level of cards: good.

Cheerful habits, easy-going people, many friends, traveling to learn or find new experiences. Who are determined to do anything, have the strength to fight for expected results. He was wait somethings that are intended.

If it is a situation of love, it is often found that you can meet the right person from a long trip, maybe you can go to study or work, so you can meet a sincere person. Travel to meet loved ones far away.

Travel, transportation or vehicle occupations, general exports, but also small businesses are growing. Successes must look at other cards. It may mean foreign contact jobs are doing well. The companies sending to work or studying abroad.

Traveling, such as studying abroad, moving to a different state for study, or studying remotely. Is a time of determination to complete it, which is not so difficult for people with such spirits.

The financial background is not poor and you can build a financial yourself out of what you have. You will have good fortune. If you have Ace or Ten of Pentacles, means you will have luck from a long trip.

Sons or daughters, brothers, and sisters are in college age or start working age. Sending their children to study abroad. Expectations of stable family income.



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