The meaning of The Chariot card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The Chariot meaning

Card No. 7 "The chariot" Storytelling: Knights on battle car, decked with crescent moons, representing what's coming, behind which is the city walls, representing departure, laurel crowns and stars, symbolizing victory. And success, right hand holding a bat, implies control of strength with mind, black-and-white sphinxes convey the opposite, white, black, yin, yin, yang, knife, light, etc., Yoni and Lingam combination is symbolizing of birth. The symbolizing bird wings, is the power to drive forward intentionally.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

A person who prefer to traveling alone, perhaps independent long distances, not to be manipulated, to have hope for peace without blood loss, to use wisdom to solve problems, not to use force to judge and to have confidence in victory.

If the criteria for love are good, love for foreigners, or love during a long trip is possible. Behavior as a travel lover or if working with travel, love may not be perfect. In this case another card must be considered.

They can be either soldiers, police, engineers, or independent jobs. The jobs to travel like Air Hostess, Stuart, guides, freelance jobs, diplomats, translators, or jobs to go abroad, if a page of wands or Night of wands is included, this will be clear.

Study abroad or different states, if there are Page or Night of Wands included, it will be clear more and it will be rather difficult to graduate.

Their parents can be supported academically or who getting scholarships, and working scholarships, which is a good start. In some cases, it can mean good luck on the go if you see ace of pentacles card or wheel of Fortune card included.

Someone has been separated from their families since they were young. Most of them were not with their parents, having to study abroad as regular student or stay with relatives. Someone working abroad is possible.



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