The meaning of Death card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The death meaning

Card No. 13 "Death" Storytelling: Messenger of Death, skeleton wearing black armor riding white horse, skeleton showing body parts that last long after death. Armor symbolizing only external objects remains, white horse represents purity and strength. Black flag with five petals of white rose pattern is the truth, no matter how pleading. It cannot be dismissed. Death or end is possible, the number five represents change, by including death not just the end of life. But it's about ending and beginning (rebirth).

Power Level of the Card: Violent

People who live on the end of certain stories, or the beginning of certain situations. Card Death doesn't convey death, but it's a reminder from the reaper of good or evil, and everyone can't escape death.

If in the past position, it's the end of the old love, then if there's two of cups, ace of cups included. The birth of a new love. If in a future position, the end of this love (if a woman pick it up, strength beyond couple, can't be together long, unless a man has a higher job).

Funeral professions, doctors, rescuers, insurance sales, police, soldiers, personnel managers, fortune tellers can often pick up this card, if the card appears in the past position. It is mean to quit your job. If you have the ace of wands card included, you will get a new job. If pick it up in a future position, the work in progress can be a problem. If the hierophant is near, sometime means a funeral.

Past position is dismissal, suspension, retire, future position means to be fired, suspended or about to be retire. You have to look at other cards include.

The problem of financial congestion, borrowing someone's loan is not successful, but in other words, it means that joining soldiers, police, doctors is also possible.

If you point out only the family, there are clearly some family members who may have died or are about to lose.



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