The meaning of The Devil. Tarot cards reading guide book.

Card No. 15 "The Devil" Storytelling: Baphomet demon, a half-human demon called Baphomet, shows the balance between good and evil, man and woman, man and animal, the legend of the Jewish scapegoat symbolizes giving in to strong desire, pressing eyes that put people under power. The torch upside down, and a fire on the tail of a man means sexual desire. A man and a woman are naked and chained to the pedestal, but it seems that the chains around their necks are loose and can be easily removed. Grapes and fire tails are express joy for lust and they are being swallowed up by the devil's mind.

Power level of cards: Evil.

They're emotional, angry, violent, stubborn, like to do things that satisfy their own desires and desires, a state of mind dominated by desire or passion.

It's a mood of lust and sexual desire, which is an indication of sex, not emotionally attached like The Lovers cards, is comparable to sexual appetite and complete love.

It is a pub, bar, business night. Similar to the fool cards, but the fool cards are employees. In part, the devil cards are entrepreneurs. Prostitution Smuggling, general work means a mood that is easily irritated, enraged, throws at coworkers.

Being involved in lust, lust, anger. Passion, seduction in school age, which can have a detrimental effect on studying.

Desire, greed, money, gambling, degeneration.

The fact that the people in the house are irritable, irritable, easily angry, swinging around the whole house. or in other words Emotional sexual desires of daughters/son. If there is a card The High Priestess shows a husband or wife having thoughts of infidelity with each other. If there are nine or more cups There may be members of the homosexual household. (Gay/Lesbian) * This card can predict a variety of situations, so be sure to interpret the combination and look at the proper direction.


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