The meaning of The Emperor card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The Emperor meaning

Card No. 4 "The Emperor" Storytelling Picture: The king sits on a stone throne with a pedestal as a sheep's head with an armrest, a total of four heads, and Aries, who represents the Lamb Zodiac, a stone throne and a mountain in the back, shows strength and stability, and the right hand holds the symbol of Crux ansata as the key to life, a great problem solver to the world, as a double card. Empress, for being king and queen, is like a pair of powers.

Power level of cards: very Good.

They are strong, happy, deep, awe-inspiring, fierce, but good-hearted, kind-hearted, helpful, and don't like to judge others, secure their lives quite well. (If a man picks it up, he has a position, he has a social standing, but if a woman picks it up: who has a husband who supports his life.)

Often, The Emperor appears to be a foreign man, in other words, an elderly man who is stable in life, a job business grows, able to easily take care of someone, someone who truly wants to start a family.

They are either politicians, police or high-ranking military officers, company owners, large investors, major shareholders, working bosses or influencers. The character of a noble man may be a kind adult who helps his subordinates.

Leadership, class leader, student president, is successful, focused, diligent, and studying to achieve a stable goal.

Financing on a good scale, if one card, ace of pentacles and ten of pentacles are present. There will be good luck, take a lot of money, and the project put in place will be well profitable.

Father, grandfather, or husband, who leads the family, is an adult in a fierce but kind house, always helping children, a person whose relatives sincerely respect each other, and they feel safe, a house with peace, and a foundation.



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