The meaning of The Empress card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

  The Empress

Card No. 3 "The Empress" Storytelling: The Queen wears 12 crowns of stars in her right hand holding the powerful baton of the earth, which means being blessed by the stars, and the motherhood of the earth, sits on a throne with heart-shaped shield engraved with Venus, meaning protection with love and kindness, surrounded by barley fields, and the backdrop is forest and stream, communicating abundance.

Power level of cards: Very good.

Be gentle, happy, stable, kind and meek, loving nature, trees, mountain forests, calm mind. [If a man picks up this card: Women will help you. If a woman picks up this card: a comfortable after 40 years old.

If you find love and get the card, The Empress means that love will be stable if you have three cups, two cups in common. There is a very high chance of marriage, The Empress is a card that supports the other card in a positive, stable and sustainable.

The noble lady, if nine-pentacle cards are joined by millionaires, businessmen, investors, real estate, owner, major shareholders, is a benevolent. If their background is The Empress, they can do whatever they intend, and it will be done firmly.

They're people who long for school and have a clear way of life. Graduate school and get a certificate of education, and then have to work as intended, have a high level of patience, and be organized about studying for exams, and be sure that it's good.

Financing enters the stage of well-being if ace of pentacles or ten pentacles is included. There will be a fortune, take a lot of money, and the project put in place will be a great profit.

They're mothers, grandmothers, perfectly happy, with page cards or ace of cups included. They're all very good at leading the family, or maybe getting a new home, getting a new car, opening a new office.


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