The meaning of The Fool card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

 the fool meaning

The 0th card "The Fool" Storytelling: A Pleasant Man on The Fool's journey. Even if him walk down into the cliff, he doesn't care. Turn one's back on the sun a white glow, which means pure light, and the white puppy, which means good friend, barks, warns that there is the cliff ahead, and the Fool is not interested, he walking with a cane and a living bag. Like a man with a good way to walk, he turns his back, he doesn't listen, he thinks he has wings like a bird, so he puts a red feather on his head. The left hand holds a white rose that represents purity and low frequencies, but it's a bit of demeanor, free love, travel love.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

People who indulgent, likes to travel, has the courage to express. They thoughts and the courage to act, doesn't care about the consequences, have stubbornness and anyone who admonishes anything listens, but don't follow.

Being an adulterer, temporarily enjoying fun, having no idea of marriage, if there is the devil card, it means having unprotected sex, a mood of love, but not wanting to join in life, still loving independently, and having a lot of confidence.

People who don't like regular work usually work in entertainment lines, singers, performers, travelers, pub bars, night jobs, or be a guide, an air hostess, a Stuart, freelance work, a YouTuber, a habit of people who don't like to set rules on themselves.

They are smart and have own artistry, and they only want to learn, and they always refuse to learn. They seem to study hard and hard, but when they actually practice, tends to be lazy.

People who a frugal man, as much as they can use, they don’t like luxury goods or brand-name goods, live without luck, make money as much money as they want to use.

People who decide not to consult their family, like to live alone, travel alone, don't like to go with their family, and always do risky things to worry about.



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