The meaning of The Hanged man. Tarot cards reading guide book.

the hanged man

Card number 12, "The Hanged man," a storytelling: dedication, a man who has his ankle tied and his head hung down from a nature cross, (the tree) it is means dedication to the teachings of a religion they revere. Completely reverse view of the world, a calm face means the intention of being hung his head, a radius around his head. This hung time could be torture for final surrender, that means sacrificing something to get something you want or better.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

They are intelligent, dignified and understands all things in nature. Sacrificing yourself for a goal to give up something for better results consent to bind or willingly tortured.

Sometimes when love comes to an end had to give up or sacrifice something for life to go on. If there are good cards surrounded It might mean sacrificing yourself in some regards to keep the relationship going. In a bad way, it's a love that unfulfilled, having to endure a relationship, endure it for the family.

Likes to work with volunteers, philanthropists, field medics, charities, forensics, detectives, spies, gymnasts, acrobats, yoga teachers, or sacrificing some work to get better returns.

Interruption, meditation, or a period of intense reading. Tutoring with friends.

Finance is considered a period that must be spent to maintain, or paid for a new, even better return, if there are five of pentacles, six of pentacles included, it would be quite obvious, but if there are two of pentacles next to it, it means a loan release.

Most women who have a family want to have a baby, catch this card often has uterine problems, have difficult children. In family translation, it is self-sacrifice for the whole family to be happy. You have to look at other cards, make up for reading, and open up more specific interpretation.


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