The meaning of The Hermit card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

the meaning of hermit card

Card No. 9 "The Hermit" Storytelling Image: Stands alone on a snow-covered mountaintop, meaning expertise, growth, and spiritual achievement, achieving certain virtues. The lamp with the sign of the six-leafed star is Solomon's seal instead of the ripe wisdom. But just a step cannot be illuminated in the far path. He has to hold a cane to guide, power, and balance the way you choose next. Represents considerable discretion and caution.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

They are love solitude, cut off from their peer society, like to keep themselves, think and reflect before they act, not to discourage obstacles, every step is the path of finding the truth of life; in other words, to ignore the obstacles that come in, or to be a time of mourning is also possible.

Single people who love solitude, may be born of disappointment in love, or see love as immovable, depressed, hopeless and lonely without friends, are not ready to open their minds to anyone.

It can be a teacher, a scholar, a priest, or even a eunuch. If it is a monk, it is to seek out some truth. If it is typical, it may mean that suspension is possible, it is necessary to look at other cards as to which direction it is.

Slowly progressing classes, if there is a bad situation about studying, it means suspension, but if the situation is good, that mean, you can also mean reviewing the lesson yourself.

No luck, finance in the sense of The Hermit card is means money for merit, or money for payment to clergy, or donations.

A single man in the family or a person who likes to practice them self. May have a relative who is a hermit or a monk. Sometime it means the ordination of someone in they're family. If there is The Full card included, it means tear of a monk.


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