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The Hierophant meaning

Card No. 5 "The Hierophant" Storytelling: The Holy Spirit or the Pope, left hand holding a triple cross, right hand showing signs instructing humans, two fingers pointing up to the sky, another two pointing into the ground, meaning the transmission of teachings from the Lord to the earth, where the base symbolizes the solution of the moral mystery, three coats, three crowns, mean of the three worlds: consciousness, subconsciousness, and the superconscious, the characteristic is that there is a pillar behind the throne represents a lack of inclination toward secularism and a genuine desire for the truth of life.

Power level of cards: Good.

They are virtuous, single, obedient, love of religion and meritocracy, practicing righteousness, able to communicate with the supernatural to instruct humans.

They are not very interested in the world, live to find the truth, and love to inherit their religion. Any man with this card in love means someone who sees love as unnecessary to life. What's more important is mental training to find the truth of life.
(Women who pick up this card: apathy in love, late marriage, or maybe not, man who pick up this card: want to be ordained but still have worldly burdens.)

They can be teachers, lecturers, preachers, religious leaders, if Hermit cards come up, foretell preachers. Now a new career for this card will be characterized by a psychotherapist or a speaker adding positive energy to life.

They are scholars, concentrated, and good learning consciousness, capable of learning until they teach people. If they are in a position instead of a person, they may mean a teacher.

It means that most donations, or money for charity, don't convey much luck or wealth.

The last child or the youngest brother, the fact that family members long for righteousness, love the practice, or behave in order to give peace to the family.



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