The meaning of Justice card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

meaning of justice card

Card number 11 “Justice” Storytelling: The judge holds a double-edged sword, mean: good and evil, or the balance of all things on earth, for example, having white must have black. If there is light, there must be darkness. A coin always has two sides. like human destiny A sword pointed up means a firm decision and possibly a final judgment. The left hand holds the scales of justice. The two pillars behind the judges' bench represent a solid balance. The justice wearing a crown that represents an orderly thought careful consideration.

Power level of cards: Medium

a person who loves justice like to destiny of one's own life and sometimes judge the lives of others based on their own attitude in what is thought to be the most fair as well. If there are five of wands card, seven of wands card appeared. That means someone who wants to demand justice for themselves.

It's a relationship that has to be based on equality, such as divide the same cost, helping each other save, earning income. Some case feeling like a second wife who wants to be equality same the first wife. The need for fairness from the couple, like I took care of her, then she should take care of me same.

They can be judges, lawyers, law fighters, legal advisors, architects, architecture, structural designers. or in another case, the success is in a stable stage.

An education that requires strict rules, regulations, and practices. It takes a lot of memory and understanding. The timing of the research work.

Received financial will set aside a portion to be kept separately and the portion that is set aside is an expense It must be balanced with the necessary payments only. Anything that is more than necessary must be calculated, weighed and measured in detail.

They are meticulous people. and don't like sharing things with anyone Whatever is placed there should be there. Do not move, tidy, and like to organize your family. Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished.



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