The meaning of The Lovers card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The lover reading

Card No. 6 "The Lovers" Storytelling: Representative of Love In the picture showing a man and woman naked under the fairy Raphael, it means God healing, and it means Naka and the apple tree means the seductiveness of a sexual gamer. Man: Fire tree means passion and worry. The 12 flames indicate the zodiac, the volcano behind it, or it is a barrier between them. Men look at women subconsciously, and women look at fairies because of their worries about traditions and teachings, conveying emotions, love, and need. But it's not always happy, but it's the basis of a complete spirit of love.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

They are charming, romantic, people's needs, but difficult to reach, like there is a high wall between themselves and others, gifted from an early age, protected by gods. Whatever they do, they always predict good and evil.

A man who desires in a woman, or a woman who seduces a man, falls into a phase of narcissism, needs, and positive sexual feelings, is a chivalrous lover, or likes to match up with friends, relatives, or children or grandchildren. A predictable love situation, meeting the right person.

They're all pretties, celebrities, models, media dads, art works are well made, contests, jewelry bids, and if it is not obvious, look at other cards to make clear.

School-age love is quite a hindrance to study, and if you can't get rid of this mood, you'll get weaker.

They spend money on things they like, want to have, call them how much they can get, how much they spend on luxury goods or one's needs.

The relationship between father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister, who may be care and attachment because they are born of the same race, are related, but if two of swords card or five of wands card are included. Card habits will change to the opposite immediately, not getting close. It is better to stay apart. because there is going to be a problem.



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