The meaning of The Moon. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The meaning of the moon

Card No. 18 "The Moon" Storytelling: A Full Moon Night, which features a distinctive full moon floating between two large towers, the moon symbolizes instinct, dreams, and unconscious mind, the dim light can only illuminate the path to higher consciousness. Which is the winding path between the two towers, a small basin, representing the subconscious. The small puddle out of the pond, which symbolizes early consciousness. A house dog and a wolf are the howling sound represents both the tame mind and the wildness of the wild beast and the pet's lust.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

Emotional, artistic, and difficult to approach. Sometimes, sitting alone in the middle of the night thinking about somethings. They can not achieve the goal of the problem. Anxiety with something. If the High Priestess included, it means some ritual.

They are in a state of anxiety about unfortunate love or wanting to be happy, but not yet as they thought. If The Lovers card included, means the time of love that blinds they eyes. If The Devil included, means lust. It is a time to remind and reflect on this love.

A job that has been paid by corruption. Slander that occurs from another person, is a waiting for the result of better solution.

There will be bad things. There will be a collection of bad thoughts. Scary thoughts. You have to watch out for betrayal or slander from friends in class.

No luck. Unsuccessful investment. Bad financial situation. Stress and need to find a solution. You have to look at other cards to solve the problem, if there are good financial cards included. It will mean good luck to come in the full moon.

Often people are found with homes near the cemetery. Houses with the spirits in charge. As a result, people in the house are not very happy. Sometimes it means not listening to the opinions of family members. Some people in the family who believe in themselves too much.


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