The meaning of The Star. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The meaning of The Sar card

Card No. 17 "The Star" Storytelling: A Star of Faith, a picture of a naked woman sitting on her knees by the poolside, holding one water jug in her left hand is mean subconscious and right hand is mean consciousness. She poured water out to feed the body, and another jar poured water on the ground, while the ground separated into five rivers representing the five senses. A foot steps on the ground, which shows her practical ability and good common sense. The other foot soaks in the water, showing her instinct and inner resources. One big star, instead of the essence of her mind, and seven small stars representing the seven Chakra.

Power level of cards: Good

Be born into a well-off family Healthy, often choose work because, if they not to work, it is easy to live well. They love the forest, love nature, love the world. Start a new life. Fill and nourish the mind with weakness and fulfill the dream. The Star will positively affect the mind, meaning to increase cognitive power for the best of life.

Fulfillment, casting love with a happy mind, expecting a dream person and making it come true, wishing the stars in love, understanding, supporting each other.

The jobs that are done tend to be good are, real estate, jewelry, furniture, construction material sales, cement mill, well digging, pond digging, actor star. Situations mean targeted operation means clear returns, achievements that will soon be born.

Studying for honors, devoting physical strength to studying, achievements that can be expected of diligence.

Studying for honors, devoting physical strength to studying, achievements that can be expected of diligence.

A new start or home improvement. Buying a favorite decoration. Making a home to enrich wealth and complete happiness. Expecting good things to happen within the family. Encouraging each other within the family.



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