The meaning of Strength card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The meaning of Strength

Card No. 8 "Strength" Storytelling: A woman who comfort a lion with the power of peace and love. They can tame a wild lion without using strength. A lion instead of passion and longing for fresh meat, but instead, she uses the delicacy from the inside to magically spell out the purity of the soul. The flower surrounding is beautiful nature. It means the goddess of all creatures and the forest. Above the head is the Infinity symbol, it means the power of compassion and boundless wisdom.

Power level of cards: Good.

It is a person with pure inner strength and a bold conscience who can overcome the stiffness, stubbornness with virtue within the mind, trust in faith, achievement by wisdom to solve all problems.

Instead of a formidable, looks calm, has a power over a man. If a man picks up Swords cards, there's only a good relationship for 25%. If who pick up of Cups or Wands card, will fall in the colony of her.

They are suitable for government jobs, certain regulators in the organization, teachers who keep the rules, or they can be prison guards, jobs that use intelligence to control harsh situations, or jobs that women lead men can interpret as well.

The power of courage expressed, the situation in which a woman controls everything in power, such as class leader, student president, and sports club president, can also be called active and diligence.

They know how to spend money properly, how to control the financial situation, but both women and men may be wasting time on perfume and cosmetics, taking care of their skin a little bit. The need to pay for matters necessary for them.

If you're a housewife, you can control every situation inside the house, take responsibility, and organize well in the house, and if you're an older sister, you can also be strong, strong woman of the house.



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