The meaning of The Sun. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The meaning of The sun

Card No. 19, The Sun. Storytelling: The Sun is shining, conveying optimism and positivity. The Sun represents the source of all life on Earth. Underneath four sunflowers towering over a brick wall, it represents the four sets of cards of Minor Arcana and the four elements. A naked boy sits on a calm white horse's back. The child's nudity is a sign that he has nothing to hide and innocence in his childhood. The white horse is also a symbol of purity and strength. This is a very good card.

Power level of cards: Very good.

What to do is successful, cheerful, sincere, kind, and ready to spread. Good energy to those around them. The power of light and absolute positive power. The peak of the destiny that will bring success to them.

The perfect love that many people wait for. The lovers are truly affectionate, but they have to look at another cards. If there are Two of Cups, Tree of Cups and Ten of Cups included, it means chance of getting married is waiting. If they pick Five of Cups or Six of Cups, may be the brightness of love at the beginning or the end.

If you pick the first card, you'll be rich, business-owned, or heritage-rich. If you're going to tell me about your current job, it means a good job, and it's the job that best suits them right now. A job that brings glory and fame. A job that can do anything and will be well done.

Studying is very good, and the sliding exam is also well done. win in school competition.

If there are Ace of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune cards included. It means a big fortune, a financial spike to the top, a catch to anything. Luck in this instant will be the highest.

It is a time of cheerfulness. If they have another Queens card included and Ace of Cups included, it means to get a good child. A perfect family status. A housewarming. Get a new car, get a family's gift.



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