The meaning of Th High Priestess card. Tarot cards reading guide book.


The High Priestess card

Card No. 2 "The High Priestess" Storytelling: Queen of the Moon in the picture is a high priestess. In her right hand, there is a secret Tora record, like holding a higher secret code. "J" stands for Jachin is beginning and mercy. "B" stands for Boaz is rejection and violence, sitting on the throne. There is the moon at the soles of her feet, meaning power on the night. Enduring the mystical but still solid in the church with a large solar cross symbol on its chest, it conveys a great reverence for its religion, a jewel at the throne. It shows her ability to recognize jewelry very skillfully.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

They are quite fond of mystical ceremonies; it is said that they are wise, can hold the secrets of others, can trust religion, and always hold it in mind; during the day, emotions will fluctuate if the night gets particularly better.

It's like they're apathetic about love, most women are second wives, if men have more than one lover, but it's just a temporary relationship, they want to meet a lover, a sincere person as well, sometimes in a sense of yearning for a prospective, secretly loving them, but not reaching them.

They like art, creative, advertising, authoring, teaching profession, or lecturer, jewelry business, or do accounting and finance, open an accounting office, but in the end, they want to take a break. If there's a hermit card, it is possible to be ordained.

They're good students, they've been in good school since they were young. They've been able to study until they've finished Doctor Degree, and honors have been able to do.

They are financially stable, but not very wealthy, self-employed and always think they can control themselves with financial situations.

The legs are single mothers, or widows, and some are second wives, awe inspiring and fear-stricken housewives of their families; no matter who quarrels or has problems indoors, she can manage them.


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