The meaning of The World. Tarot cards reading guide book.

meaning of the world

Card No. 21 "The World" Storytelling: A World of Perfection, a picture of a naked woman wrapped in cloth and dancing in a large laurel bouquet. She looks back on the past as her body moves toward the future. In her hand, there are two magic wands, just like the magician holds. Symbolizing what appears to have reached the world. Laurel bouquet means success and a new beginning. Lion, bull, lovely face and eagle means life and progress and charming. Four zodiacs: The Leo, The Taurus, The Aquarius and The Scorpio are symbol of four elements, four seasons and instead of unity, that's good card.

Power level of cards: Very good.

They are warm, gentle, comfortable in life, complete happiness and able to take care of others. A bright positive and power full of good energy.

Fulfillment of what is missing in life. Characteristics of a spouse that anyone desires and wants. A situation to meet a good and sincere person. If a man picks it up, means to meet a good mother of his child. If a woman picks it up, means a good man coming into life.

The rich, business owner, or heritage rich, the work that results in completeness is a business-stable organization, indicates job success, a stable growth.

Complete your education and be ready to continue they life with the know-how they have. In the sense of making a report, preparing for a test, with excellent availability, without any problems. Sometimes it means winning a sports competition.

Money luck brings complete happiness to life, but that doesn't mean that this card brings you luck. It's a card that means a situation after luck. If bad finances, this card will say that every situation will be solved as well.

It means love, understanding, generosity of family members. If any queen card, The Empress, children's cards are included, Ace of Pentacles cards. It means mother's willingness to have children. Sometimes it means filling the family's missing things. Children will return to take care their mother.



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