Nine of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Nine of Wands reading.


#Nine of Wands reading.

Love: Jealousy, preservation of Love.

Work: Obstacles, thoughts to change jobs, quits job. Responsible for only 1 remaining to be maintained.

Study: Carefully maintain existing scores.

Finance: Keep somethings as long as possible. 

Family: Family members acting differently.

Nine of Swords reading

#Nine of Swords reading.
Love: Worry about love, lose of love.
Work: Accumulated stress from work, anxiety.
Study: Worried about failed the exam.
Finance: Heavy stress, correct one step at a time. 
Family: The illness, family matters stress.

Nine of Pentacles reading.

#Nine of Pentacles reading.
Love: Wealthy lovers, happiness of singles.
Work: Support by boss, the job position is firm.
Study: Get a scholarship, support by a patron.
Finance: Build asset inheritance, build wealth with your business. 
Family: Getting a house or assets by yourself.

Nine of Cups reading.

#Nine of Cups reading.
Love: Many lovers, widows, homosexuality, happiness filling of someone with a mate.
Work: Fair profit trade, imported goods.
Study: Present home works.
Finance: Financial opportunities to be sought. 
Family: Buying a house, a car, or who outsider making an obtrusive.


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