Page of Cups reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Page of Cups reading


Person Card "Page of Cups" Storytelling: Cup Maid wearing a flower-patterned blue robe and a beret hat on his head with a long scarf. He stands on the shore with the sea in waves behind him holding a cup in his right hand. Ironically, fish and sea behind him representing water elements and everything related to creativity, instinct, feeling and emotion. The unexpected nature of the fish means the inspiration and creativity expressed from its blue scales. You have to be open-minded to think that this is a gift from heaven.

Power level of cards: good.

Children are neat and easy to teach. They are fat, nice, good-natured, moral, animal-loving, like to swim and beautiful fish farming. If you are a subordinate or a family member, you can trust a person with a fairly straight hunch or a six sense.

Meet love with such a person. If there are Ace of cups, Two of Cups included. It means that the situation of a child or a family that brings a new love to you is possible.

The delicate work of the imagination and art. The employees feel slight, sometimes emotional, but they are polite. Works slowly but well out. Related to art and imagination can be helped well.

The delirium and mildness. These days have resulted in studies that do not work as well as they should. More focused on studying.

Still dependent on family, finances aren't even good, just enough to do. Another case is that if you give your children something to catch up on, they might get lucky. Look at the cards, Ace of Pentacles or Ten of Pentacles include.

Guess the characteristics of your children, the people who will come to make the family more cheerful. The children of the people in the house, and are good children, easy to raise, easy to teach, and rarely cause trouble.



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