Page of Swords reading. Meaning of the Tarot Cards guide book.

 The meaning of Page of Swrods.

Person Card "Page of Swords" Storytelling: in the picture, a young man standing with a sword pointing up to the sky. His body and sword leaning one way, but he looks the other as if to see what else is going on around him. The wind blows through the man's hair and the clouds behind him. Bringing natural energy to him. he stood on the green ground and maintains abundance, which indicates, he had the idea of bringing positive change and careful, careful forward movement.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

It means that a child who is stubborn and difficult to raise has to be raised by someone else (for some faith). This child is a strong person, likes sports, stubborn habits. As a result, he grows up to be a working age, he will remain in the sword category.

Meeting love with such a person. In a typical situation, the lover is like a child, stubborn, often worrying. Sometime it is this card mean the prediction recipient. In other words, news damage about their lover, someone gossiping.

Patience, rarely smile, rarely certainty. Want to do then do it, don't want to do then not do it. Not to be crafty, wayward, very moody. The situation of working at colleagues is a hindrance, interruption or doing business with impatient people.

Early change, danger, distrust, bad news. Be very careful about friendship. Some people do well face to face, curse behind their backs.

Bad news about finance. If there is a waiting time for money, it might not be as good as it is. Finance has a handicap, so look at other cards included.

The characteristics of stubborn and impatient children. Having to reflect on the surrounding situation surrounded by negative currents. Letting go of bad words is the only solution to peace in the family. The devastating news situation of the family must be well set up.



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