Queen of Cups reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Queen of Cups reading

Person Card "Queen of Cups" Storytelling: The Queen's feelings come from the subconscious and deep part of her soul. A stone throne decorated with pictures of sea nymph, fish, and scallop symbolizes the unconscious mind. Water shows emotion, spirit, and perception. A bright blue sky without clouds and calm sea surrounding her, means the abundance of food in the sea, so was the warmth she gave to the sea. It conveys the interdependence between the land and the water, the water feeds human life and humans respect the waterways as well.

Power level of cards: Good.

She is a sweet, gentle, good mother, sensitive. If the feedback is not satisfactory, she has a little bad emotional sometimes. If anyone can offend her, this person must be extreme. a lover of ancient utensils and a hobby of mental value.

You can find a woman who is firm, sincere, and well-worn, she is close and warm. If the love situation, the man who has to cross the water to her is willing to break through all obstacles. A woman to wait for love that must be proved.

The owner's wife, the working boss, the executive. She will be good at antique trade, jewelry, antique furniture, international shipping trade, female naval officer, cruise service or fishing boat port.

The card represents a teacher, or means learning the practical sector or being a swimmer. Studying at a Naval Academy, Study in a craft internship.

They like to save money by buying collections, making money as an asset, finance is considered to be stable, but there is not to be wealthy. Must look at other cards around.

A nice female adult with warmth, good care for her family, always reflecting on her decision or taking action. Could be a big collector housewife, a love of cherish, is untouchable.



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