Queen of Pentacles reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

The meaning of Queen of Pentacles

Person Card "Queen of Pentacles" Storytelling: The Queen sits on a stone throne embellished with fruit trees, goats, angels, and other symbols of material success and mental happiness. She holds the gold medal with both hands and looks at it lovingly, as if nourishing the symbols of wealth and material success. The beautiful trees and flowers surrounding her, showing a connection with mother earth, nature and abundance. The little rabbit jumps near the position where she sits, indicating a healthy fertility and allocation.

Power level of cards: very good.

She is a man of strong needle mind. Leadership character. She has a power and wealth. Good taste of expensive jewelry collectors. Good family background and has patronage by her family.

You may find a widow with a fair amount of wealth. If you have the Three of Swords included, you will have to be careful of her intervention. If you are a man, this card means a patroness by women.

A business owner or rich in inheritance. rich in her husband's property. In the job means a situation where you may meet or make a business investment with a woman. Jewelry sales, banking, financial accounting, land brokers, real estate.

This card represents a teacher. The entrance examination to a prestigious private educational institution, whether the criteria can be taken or not, has to look at other cards. Another meaning is that expensive classes can be taken, money-making schools etc.

Most of the time, we find Queen of Pentacles cards to be rich in money. Supportive of family or husband, so her finances are based on others' backgrounds. Fortune comes in often for those who catch this card.

Adult women probably refer to mothers, grandmothers or older sisters. Who can take care of their families and often like to solve everything with money.



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