Queen of Swords reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Queen of Swords reading

Person Card "Queen of Swords" Storytelling: The Queen sits on a stone throne decorated with child angels representing the queen's soft side. Butterflies showing change and facing the future. Raising her left hand as receiving some blessing, and right hand, she holds a sword high and straight, showing a desire to find the truth in everything just like other card of swords. A dull cloud in the sky and the strong wind blowing through the trees, symbolizes continuous and rapid change, but she was able to deal with it without hesitation and without fear of any obstacles.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

The characteristic of unlucky person, struggling on her own from an early age. Working to support herself to some extent, which is her advantage and has made her strong to date. She has power to great decision, can command people, but has no sincere respect.

Most of them are unfortunate marriage. Even having a spouse does not promote good financial matters. They are determined, like a single wife concept. They are like jealous, if they are caught something wrong, then angry to destroy.

A hard worker, patient, struggling with one's life. The situation of work with obstacles, but it can be overcome. She is suitable for the career of management, manager, inspector, product quality.

This card represents a teacher. Sometimes means overburdening the people in the class, such as group work, but instead doing more than others. Responsible for deliver the work to friends. The class leader who has to manage the work for the public.

Deterioration, despair, waiting for the day of success. The financial situation allocated only sufficient for everyday use, even if not rich not poor.

Instead of a tall woman, could be mother, grandmother or older sister. The situation is to endure sitting in the circle of family emotional abuse, but she can get through every time.



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