Queen of Wands reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

meaning of Queen of Wands  

Person Card "Queen of Wands" Storytelling: The Queen sitting on her throne adorned with lions facing opposite directions. Symbolizing, fire and strength. On her left hand, on the crown and behind are sunflowers, which symbolizes life, abundance, happiness and satisfaction. The wand In her right hand are small branches grow out and her feet have the black cat, implies that while she is confident and brave to act, she also comes into contact with some sacred spirit, which could be her own dark side.

Power Level of the Card: Good

She is a good girl, talented around her, a negotiator, but with a fire element, she sometimes looks a little easily angry. She believes in mysteries quite a bit and believes in rituals. This card is usually with a tall person, small mole in his mouth because she is talk fast and honest.

Meeting love with a hardworking woman, or referring to a love situation where the female side is quite angry easily and quickly recovers from anger, she is a moody person, love not smooth.

She can be a big online merchant, public relations, media, advertising can be done. Work is at the boss or owner level. The situation of work requires eloquent words. Problems from rhetoric.

The card represents a teacher or courage to think, dare to act with they own power. The cards tell them to know both the good and the dark side of themself, find themself, and move on.

Sometimes too impatient. The result may not be as perfect as expected. Finance is in a state of creation, not as stable. Luck is rarely expected. Believes in work rather than hoping for luck.

An adult woman in the house. Can be mother, grandmother or sister. She is a fussy, good talker, good scolding, easy to get angry, and you should not think about her words.


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