Seven of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Seven of Wands reading


#Seven of Wands reading.
Love: Secretly like charming people and lovers.
Work: Workplace competition, job auction, work hard, obstacles at work.
Study: A friend betrays, doesn't like someone.
Finance: Misapprehended or framed. 
Family: People in they’re family trying enemy.

Seven of Swords reading

#Seven of Sword reading.
Love: Hide love, lover's tricks, fleeing together.
Work: Co-workers do not cooperate, single work, don't like to work with anyone, take responsibility alone.
Study: Solo Report, solo work request.
Finance: Bribery, runaway treasure chest.
Family: There is a hidden story in family.

Seven of Pentacles reading

#Seven of Pentacles reading.
Love: Making a family, harvesting good feelings.
Work: Harvesting season, looking at job success.
Money: Building financial into a solid foundation.
Study: Collecting points, watching friends' scores. 
Family: Wait and see household productivity, build security.

Seven of Cups reading

Seven of Cups reading.
Love: Lucky in love, get a gift.
Work: Confused and fanciful mood at work, sales job, Fashion accessories.
Study: Expectations for a Cup of Prizes
Finance: Finance, solutions to get from people who you are dating.
Family: Wealth management, prepare bridewell.



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