The Tarot Guide Book [From Beginners to Professions] Get the new experience in fortune telling.

This book has a new technique you never learn. 
It has a tight but complete meaning in fortune-telling.
15 Spreads that will let you answer any questions in your life or someone. A special spreads that is nowhere in the world.
Suitable for beginners who don't have any knowledge of anything to prediction. Being a professional fortune teller.
The 78 different dimensional meanings include: Love, work, finance, study and family.  There are various examples of card readings that can be used to study by yourself. Please take a look at my book sample.
( Total 210 page and the link to purchase below. )

Chapter 1 Adjust the basic fortune tellers. 
1.1 Get acquainted with tarot cards. 
1.2 Data input provides tarot cards. 
1.3 Tarot card criminal. 
1.4 A person’s card problem with fortune tellers. 
- The power of four elements and symbol. 
- Person’s age and shape cards. 
- The elements and 12 zodiac cards. 

Chapter 2 The meaning of all 78 cards. 
Number 0 The Fool 
Number 1 The Magician 
Number 2 The High Priestess 
Number 3 The Empress 
Number 4 The Emperor 
Number 5 The Hierophant 
Number 6 The Lovers 
Number 7 The Chariot 
Number 8 Strength 
Number 9 The Hermit
Number 10 Wheel of Fortune 
Number 11 Justice 
Number 12 The Hanged Man 
Number 13 Death 
Number 14 Temperance 
Number 15 The Devil 
Number 16 The Tower 
Number 17 The Star 
Number 18 The Moon 
Number 19 The Sun 
Number 20 Judgement 
Number 21 The World 
King of Cups 
King of Wands 
King of Swords 
King of Pentacles 
Queen of Cups 
Queen of Wands 
Queen of Swords 
Queen of Pentacles 
Knight of Cups 
Knight of Wands 
Knight of Swords 
Knight of Pentacles 
Page of Cups
Page of Wands 
Page of Swords 
Page of Pentacles 
Additional interpretation techniques of person cards. 
A meaningful prediction of a military ranks. 
Card number one. The cards of the beginning. 
Card number two. The cards of duality. 
Card number three. The cards of celebration. 
Card number four. The cards of regulation framing. 
Card number five. The cards of despair card. 
Card number six. The cards of results. 
Card number seven. The cards of sophistication. 
Card number eight. The cards of magnification. 
Card number nine. The cards of fulfillment. 
Card number ten. The cards of perfection. 
Define the implicit meaning of each card. 
1. The highest monetary fortune cards. 
2. The cards with criteria to get married. 
3. The cards mean childbearing, pregnancy. 
4. Foretell the child’s gender from the cards. 
5. The family’s return of birth. 
6. Cards that means travel.
7. The cards that means being the other wife. 

Chapter 3 Fifteenth spreads for all prediction. 
Type one, three cards Daily situation. 
The second type, Celtic Cross spread. 
The third type, Question and Answer spread. 
The fourth type, Horseshoe spread. 
The fifth type, Love spread. 
The sixth type, the Age to be Rich spread. 
The seventh type, Working spread. 
The eighth type, Study spread. 
The ninth type, Family spread. 
The tenth type, body health spread. 
The eleventh type, the Wheel of Fortune spread. 
The twelfth type, Luck Direction spread. 
The thirteenth type, check the Energy on Face. 
The fourteenth type, check the Energy In Home. 
The fifteenth type, Check energy by Pentagram. 
The Tarot cards Elements. 
The energy adjustment summary table. 
Element table of Major arcana cards. 
The Heart of Prediction. 

Chapter 4 Real prediction. 
4.1 Three of cards reading. 
Guess the general situation from 3 of cards. 
The question: What will be loving like today? 
The question: How is the work going today? 
The question: What will be trading today? 
4.2 Celtic Cross reading. 
4.3 Questions and Answers reading. 
The question: The finances next month to be good? 
The question: Would love next month to be good? 
The question: Will I be able to study abroad…? 
4.4 Horseshoe cards reading. 
The question: How is the work going next month? 
The question: What will love be like this month? 
The question: What will be the finances next month? 
4.5 Love spread reading. 
4.6 The Age to be Rich reading. 
The question: When will I get rich? 
4.7 Workplace reading. 
The question: What will be the working situation…? 
4.8 The School or The University reading. 
The question: What will be the studying situation…? 
4.9 Family spread reading. 
4.10 Body Health reading. 
4.11 Reading cards for business options. 
The question: What should I open between
a drink bar and an eyebrow tattoo shop? 
The question: How do customers increase? 
The question:
What kind of customer group for my business? 
4.12 Fortune spread reading. 
The question: Will I have a good fortune today? 
4.13 Best Direction reading. 
The question: What is the best direction of my trip? 
4.14 Energy on Face reading. 
4.15 Energy in House reading. 
4.16 Check something’s energy reading. 

Chapter 5 Supplementary chapter. 
Reading cards in positive and negative action. 
Read the target audience from the 40 cards 


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