Ten of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Ten of Wands reading, meaning


#Ten of Wands reading.

Love: Do everything for love.

Work: Job growth to the high limit, big store company, people who do various businesses.

Study: Homework to be done alone.

Finance: Stable but also to much responsible. 

Family: Do everything for the family burden.

Ten of Swords reading, meaning

#Ten of Sword reading.

Love: Permanent loss of love, poor health.

Work: Not getting a job, lose a job.

Study: Failed exam, long-term leave to recuperate.

Finance: Crisis situations, end all risks. 

Family: Poor health, coma, surgery, loss of life.

Ten of Pentacles reading, meaning

#Ten of Cards reading.

Love: Money builds itself up from lover, meet a rich people.

Work: Business success, stable job.

Study: Complete class.

Finance: Money luck is waiting for you. It's a great opportunity. 

Family: Real estate, heirloom, rise in status.

Ten of Cups reading, meaning

#Ten of Cups reading.
Love: Marriage, a complete happy marriage, living well. [The holy card fulfill hope.]

Work: Work is stable, fulfilling.

Study: Graduation.

Finance: The top of the wish will successful, the financial opportunity has come.

Family: The fullness of a peaceful family.



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