Knight of Swords reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Knight of Swords reading


Person Cards "Night of the Swords" Storytelling: A Knight bursts forward with great power. The sword points high, it’s mean dedication to purpose. The White Horse is the purity of intellectual energy that stimulates the knight. In the background, storm clouds begin to form, and the tree bends in the strong winds that strike. The wind didn't stop the knight at all and he headed towards the wind-flow garden and was eager to complete the mission. In fact, it's good to take a break in this situation to wait for the calm wind to settle down. Sometimes being too hasty, the feedback may not be as beautiful as expected. 

Power Level of the Card: Medium

The characteristics of a brave single-minded person, ready to face all circumstances, stubborn and unflattering, doing something serious, loving someone real, being over many obstacles, lacking in childhood patrons.

Meeting such people into life. The situation of love that seems too hasty, sometimes trying to find answers or having to get a clear answer about love. Can lead to unexpected results. This kind of thing sometimes takes time.

Too hasty a decision. If have the good cards, it means success from your own special ability. That is both fast and good. If the composition card is bad, you can send it quickly, but lack of due diligence. You can do media work or press work, express transportation, collect loan debt, metro workers.

Hurry to do homework or report. For what reason, this work may not be detailed, neat enough.

Unlucky. If good cards are included, it would mean rushing until luck disappears. Financial conditions that are quite cut off, rushing to do it, rushing to find it, until sometimes life sticks too fast.

Sons or daughters, brothers, and sisters are in college age or start working age. Impatient habits, civil stubbornness, and not listening to people in their house. Foretell the situation of the family who have to travel quickly to do something.



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