The meaning of Wheel of Fortune card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The meaning of Wheel of Fortune

Card No. 10 "Wheel of Fortune" Storytelling: The wheel of fate observes the word tora that means rule, but if you read it backwards, it is taro (tarot). If you read rota, it means a wheel in Latin, four Hebrew letters YHVH (Yod Heh Vau Heh) are the names of gods. In the middle of the wheel, It is a symbol of mineralization, sulfur, water, and salt. Believing to be an essential element of life. The snake instead of Taifon, the god of evil. On the right of the wheel is the god of death, on the top is the sphinx representing knowledge and strength. The 4 wings are holding a scripture representing wisdom.

Power level of cards: very Good.

The middle of fate between good and bad, which if it is a good situation, will only result in good luck, but if there are obstacles in the way, fate can result in bad luck. Most of the time, who’s pick this card always has something to guide to luck or success.

Meeting love by chance is like fate if two of cups, three of cups or ten of cups are included. It often implies a love with a good opportunity to come in together, if it's a card, seven of cups will mean love to come in with the expected wealth of money.

Jobs related to fortune-telling, prize-grabbing, event-taking, ritual-related events that increase fortune, or that means changes in the current work in a better direction, the success of the work is about to turn around according to the right opportunity.

It is a measure of luck. They take the written test, they write in their imagination, or turn the pen to choose a random choice, risking their learning fortune, but what's surprising is that they can get good grades.

If there are ace of pentacles, The World, or The Sun around, surprisingly eligible for the grand prize. If not, it means that finance is about to turn around in a better direction. luck is beginning to come to them.

Roundness, harmony of family members, sharing experiences on the dining table of family members or adjusting suffering. Harmonizing family members' understanding, for peace to rise in the future.



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