The meaning of Judgement. Tarot cards reading guide book.

the meaning of judgement

Card No. 20 "Judgement" Storytelling: Judgment shows naked men and children rising from the grave, spreading their arms and looking up at the sky. Angle Gabriel blowing a trumpet means the messenger of the Lord. Then people are ready to receive judgment. It is to find out whether those people will be accepted in heaven. The back is the vast mountain range, indicating an unpassable obstacle and the impossibility to avoid judgment this time. People who have recovered from their graves in preparation for the new world mean to be considered the result of action when the times are alive.

Power Level of the Card: Medium

It is the plaintiff or it may be the defendant. who is receiving judgment from the court or being blessed by heaven. After persevering in good deeds all his life, feedback and rebirth are waiting, and it can also be completely the result of action.

Like death and resurrection by the bad things of the past. Now is the time to meet good people. It may mean that whatever you do about love. Trust of love depending on the action.

It can be either a trial judge, a person who works in court, a prosecutor, a lawyer, a work on a coffin, a donation of a coffin. If it's a religious ceremony, a funeral to send the dead soul. The situation of a general work is seeing results after an obstacle.

Announcement of exam results. Which requires looking at other cards. How good or bad is the direction? or what will happen in the future.

The fortune changes this period. What is expected is not received, what is not expected is received. It is called as a result of what has been done. Whether or not the fortune of the money.

It often indicates that a family member will be in court. They have to look at a person's card or a composite situation card. If They are Chinese, it means preparing a Chinese ceremony or Homage to Ancestors. There children can be judged for some mistake by adults.



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