The meaning of Temperance card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

meaning of temperance

Card No. 14 "Temperance" Storytelling: The god of change, an angel who can be either male or female, is pouring water, wearing a light blue gown with a symbolized triangle instead of human, surrounded by squares instead of laws of nature, A foot touches on a rock, showing the need to be on the ground, and one foot in the water is in the water to live, pouring water is the symbol of playing alchemy, behind it has a winding path up to the top of the mountain. Reflecting the journey of life. Above the mountain is a gleaming golden crown. Symbolizing the going to a higher purpose of life.

Power level of cards: Good.

They're people who predict something quite accurately, but are not superstitious. Sometimes neglect this talent, about to make a change that's mostly going in a good direction. Getting to move the house, moving the workplace to a new or better place. Who has the need to travel all the time.

A change in love, if you have Ace of Cups or Two of Cups, they may find a new love or move in with a new lover. If they have Three of Cups or Ten of Cups, which means marriage or moving in with a spouse. If they have Six of Cups, it means moving back with an old lover or thinking about old connection.

So do work related to transportation, text communication, fishery, waterfront work, but if you read it in a situation, it will be a change, move to a higher place or take a new position.

There are criteria for having to move, relocate, move schools, as a change in the situation where the destination is even better.

Financing at the time of borrowing loans, or variable assets into money, for new investments and expect relatively high profits.

Modify certain behaviors and attitudes for family unity love, or mean the criteria for moving, maybe buying a new house, or, pessimistically, move out of the house for some reason, or mean moving furniture positions.



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