Two of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

Two of Wands meaning


#Two of Wands reading.
Love: The develop of Partner to lover.
Work: Non risk focused joint stock agreement, coordinate with foreign, import-export event or secretarial work.
Study: Make a report together (2 person).
Finance: Investment, stock, waiting for returns. 
Family: Send your child to study abroad.

Two of Swords reading

#Two of Swords reading.
Love: News from afar, unacceptable to the truth. Blindfolded.
Work: News, Media Event, reluctance to sign.
Study: Close your eyes and take the test.
Finance: Uncertain finance, high risk investment. 
Family: Arguing nonsense, thinking nothing.

Two of Pentacles meaning
#Two of Pentacles reading.
Love: There are two love and have to take turns.
Job: Work in two places, get a side job.
Study: Copy job to send teacher.
Finance: Borrowed money, balance one's finances, change one's asset to capital. 
Family: Having twins, a situation by the twins.

Two of Cups meaning

#Two of Cups reading.
Love: Found a good friendship, sweetheart.
Work: Partnering with Family People.
Study: Having trusted in the academy.
Finance: Sharing expenses.
Family: Reconciliation, loving brothers, preparing marriage in their house.



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