Three of Cards reading. Meaning of The Tarot Cards guide book.

three of wands reading


#Three of Wands reading.

Love: Lovers have a long distance. Waiting for the right person.

Work: Work that needs to be off-site, travel to meet people, three shareholders, a press conference.

Study: Practical training.

Finance: Waiting for fortune, waiting for success. 

Family: Waiting for family members from far away.

three of swords reading

#Three of Swords reading.

Love: Triple lover, a concussion with a couple.

Work: Obstacles to work from emotion and speech.

Study: Quarrel with a roommate.

Finance: Luck is blocked, finance conflict interests. 

Family: Pain from words and actions.

three of pentacles reading

#Three of Pentacles reading

Love: Watching the success of the lover.

Work: A special job that earns a lot of money, or a job that doesn't require effort. work that doesn't require investment but good income.

Study: Consultation on after-school activities.

Finance: Lucky comes mainly from work. 

Family: Planning loans, home improvement.

three of cups reading

#Three of Cups reading.

Love: Celebration to Love, Wedding Engagement.

Work: A celebration party at work.

Study: Generation party, sports event, school event.

Finance: Joy of business results. 

Family: Housewarming, child morale.



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