The meaning of The Tower. Tarot cards reading guide book.

Meaning of The Tower

Card number 16 "The Tower" Storytelling: The heaven's Punishment Image of a tower on top of a rocky hill. A lightning strike sets the building on fire. Two people jumping out of the window It was a scene of chaos and destruction. The tower is a strong structure, but it was built on a shaky base. Lightning represented a sudden rush of energy and understanding. which leads to penetration or revelation It enters through the top of the building and hits the crown, symbolizing the energy flowing down from the universe through the crown chakra.

Card Power Level: Evil

It is a person who is driven by frustration, has just gone through an incident, or is about to have a quarrel, family trouble, fire or electricity danger, natural disasters, as a symbol of asylum or survival.

Love is not fulfilling, quarrels with lovers to the point of divorce, or separation of addresses with lovers, accidents with lovers, if Seven of Swords cards are included. It means running away from your loved one, or love in a bad situation, wanting to divorce.

Specialized in dangerous careers such as stuntman, tall construction, racing, firefighting, rescue work, insurance work, electrical, lighting, sound stage or exhibits. or in working conditions where the business is stuck. Continuous loss or accidents in the workplace such as short circuits, damage.

Failing grades, having an accident at school, arguing with classmates learning that did not achieve the expected results.

Bankruptcy, financial problems, non-profit investments or capital uncle decisions that go awry and result in financial losses, luck jams.

Family-mouthed quarrels, home accidents, separation of parents, their children running away from home, cause of quarrels of parents, how serious can this card be? If they pick up The Devil, Death, The Hanged Man, Ten of Swords, Eight of Swords included?



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