The meaning of The Magician Card. Tarot cards reading guide book.

The magician reading

Card No. 1 "The Magician" Storytelling: A wise and talented sorcerer with his right hand pointing to the sky instead of what heaven has revealed, his left hand pointing to the ground, communicating the birth of virtue and goodness on the earth. On his head, Infinity means infinite intelligence, which can control the four element Pentacles instead of the earth, Cups instead of the water, Swords instead of the wind, Wands instead of fire. Roses and lilies mean beautiful beauty.

Power level of cards: Good.

They are a wise man, talented, loves to learn, doesn't like to do anything repetitive, and They are boring. When they do something, they are agile, highly confident, loves beauty, perfumes, flower gardens. They understand and can teach anyone.

There are only people who are passionate because they are charming, and them smell dreamy, and some people fall in love because they are good at talking, kind of like that, and affectionate. They have rather be with someone them choose.

They can be fortunetellers, surgeons, beauticians, designers, architects, designers, sometimes learn one thing, but go back to another, and succeed well. Start investing in something that they think is impossible, but the results are great. They like to offer new projects and like to plan anything.

They can study everything on Earth, if that's what they like and there is an idea that knowledge is not just in textbooks, and they are not going to stop learning. They want to get to the level of honor.

They can make good fortune on their own. Good at thinking and solving problems, and good luck seeking wisdom. Look at the other cards. If there is Ace and Ten of pentacles, it will be a great success.

They are home fortune tellers or people who like to plan, like to decorate their homes, like to make tree flower gardens, who are good at family counseling.


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